Sunday, 3 April 2011

Animal Instinct: NOTD

My Nail of the day.  Today I wanted to try a leopard print design as I bought a nail art pen the other day (I've never tried one) and wanted to test it out.  It worked pretty well and was inexpensive I think I'll do a review on it soon as well as some nail wraps I picked up.  


March Favourites

My march favourites are a bit of a mixed bag to be honest.  There things I just seemed to have been reaching for a lot lately.

Aussie Mega Shampoo -  For a while I was chopping and changing my shampoo (I'm somewhat fickle when it comes to shampoo) but whilst browsing through the offerings at my supermarket I seen that the Aussie Shampoos were on offer!  I always used to use this shampoo but I think I had forgotten how amazing it is.  First off one of the main reasons I love this, is the smell, it is divine! I had a whiff of all the other in the line but I still have to say the Mega is my favourite, and best of all the smell lasts! I always get compliments on how my hair smells when I use this.   Secondly this shampoo leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean when some other shampoos leave it feeling a bit heavy.  I think it costs around £3.00 in the UK and is widely available.

Trevor Sorbie Self Grip Rollers -   In keeping with hair these rollers are something I am loving at the moment.  I use them to give my hair volume and to create Victoria Secret style hair (well at least I try my hardest to).  There are 30 rollers in total of various sizes from the enormous to the small.  I tend not to use the smallest rollers though as my hair is quite long, but I use all the other sizes.  They grip in my hair brilliantly even the smaller sizes around my long hair. I got mine at boots for £15.32 .... a bit expensive for rollers but there are 30 and they are good quality.  However they are currently on offer for £10.00 (£12.89 through the Trevor Sorbie website .

Paco Rabanne Lady Million -  A very popular scent since it came out and I can see why.  I got this for Christmas and I have been loving it ever since.  I always get asked what I'm wearing when I have it on.  Paco Rabanne describe this as ultra feminine, vibrant and sensual.  Stating 'It has fresh top notes of bitter orange, fleshy raspberry and neroli, followed by floral notes of orange blossom and Arabian jasmine and base notes of patchouli, honey and amber'.  

Nivea Visage Light Moisturising day cream - This is something I have used for years, so its somewhat more of an all time favourite perhaps.  I love this moisturiser it seems to suit my skin perfectly as I don't really have particularly dry or oily skin.  I have tried numerous other moisturisers (including Oilatum) but always seem to come back to this.  The cream comes in 3 different variations:  Normal to combination,  Oily and combination, and dry and sensitive.  All of which have an SPF15 (except the oily one which I believe has SPF8...I'm not sure why?)  which makes this even better for your skin.  I use this before I put my makeup on and it makes my skin feel nourishes.  I have sensitive skin too and this doesn't burn or irritate my skin in any way.  I think the best thing is that the range is so inexpensive I think there around £3-£4 depending on where you get them from.  Nivea I think are just a great skincare line for a reasonable price.  

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara (CoverGirls LashBlast Length mascara in the US) -  I got this mascara as a present and hadn't really heard much about it, but when I tried it out I loved it.  It makes my lashes look very long and not clumpy, it made my lashes feel very natural and it was perfect for the day time.  Since I got it and tried it I have been hearing that the Max Factor mascaras are infact identical products to CoverGirl in the US.  Although I haven't heard about this one in particular.  If your looking for a voluminous dramatic look then this isn't the mascara for you and perhaps try the False lash effect (LashBlast Volume Blasting) one in the line.  This mascara is quite pricey (in the UK, CG is cheaper in the states I believe) at around £11.00 for a drugstore/highstreet mascara, however I would definitely purchase it again.

And that's it my March favourites.  What are your March favourites? or Have you tried any of mine?

Thanks for reading guys :-)


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Vintage clothing on a budget

While browsing the clothing at my local Tesco store the other day I stumbled upon two beautiful dresses that have, in my opinion, a lovely vintage feel about them.

Both dresses have a floral pattern to them the dress on the right is a much more pale yellowy green as opposed to the picture. I think they would look lovely with a little pair of kitten heels and vintage cardigan if you really want to go for the vintage look.  If vintage isn't your thing florals have been everywhere recently so these dresses are beautiful for the spring/summer.  

Best of all these dresses are priced at only £18!  a complete bargain, so much so I couldn't resist and got both!  

Sizes range from 6-22...another plus for these beautiful dresses.  You can find them at Tescos website if your local store doesn't have carry them.   Blue Dress here and Green Dress here.