Saturday, 2 April 2011

Vintage clothing on a budget

While browsing the clothing at my local Tesco store the other day I stumbled upon two beautiful dresses that have, in my opinion, a lovely vintage feel about them.

Both dresses have a floral pattern to them the dress on the right is a much more pale yellowy green as opposed to the picture. I think they would look lovely with a little pair of kitten heels and vintage cardigan if you really want to go for the vintage look.  If vintage isn't your thing florals have been everywhere recently so these dresses are beautiful for the spring/summer.  

Best of all these dresses are priced at only £18!  a complete bargain, so much so I couldn't resist and got both!  

Sizes range from 6-22...another plus for these beautiful dresses.  You can find them at Tescos website if your local store doesn't have carry them.   Blue Dress here and Green Dress here.


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